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Welcome to the world of Marvindc Blog Write For Us! I hope that your experience here will be a joyous one. If you are looking for collaboration or trying out writing with us, feel free reach out through our site’s contact form and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible so both parties can discuss options furthering their goals together.

Why You Should Choose Marvindc?

Marvindc is the leading online resource for all things related to restaurants, bars and clubs. We are an enthusiastic team who help people across globe find suitable products they need by writing amazing content on our blog.

We’re all about the good times and we want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on bars, clubs or restaurants that are fantastic.

We also have a number of other sites that are related to beauty, automotive, kitchen, etc. Some with higher DA (30-50) and DR over 50. We are constantly working on new projects that will be released soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

We are always looking for new writers who have the talent and creativity to keep our blog posts interesting. To be a part of this team, you need only meet these requirements: 

Guest Post

Posts with spelling or grammar errors will not be accepted by the team. The writer did not put in enough effort into making their post perfect, so we chose to skip over it. 

  • Please create unique, relevant content
  • The article must be Informative
  • The article must have at least 1000 words
  • You must submit the article in Google Docs and send us the URL with edit access
  • You will prepare the Meta Description, SEO Title, Images for the post
  • Meta description must contain the main keyword and between 135 – 155 characters
  • Use subheadings – H2 or H3 in the article
  • The keyword density must at least 1% – 1.5% (You can use many free tool on the Internet)
  • Your URL which you want to keep as do-follow (We will accept 1 do-follow link only)
  • We DO NOT accept affiliate articles, product reviews, spam SEO articles, … any kind of those

We know that sometimes the content you write for us may need some editing and we will do all changes in a professional manner.

If you are interested in Guest Posting, please feel free to contact us at marvindcrestaurant@gmail.com with the title [Guest Post for Marvindc]

Sponsor Link

Every webmaster wants their site’s content linked to from other sites, and this is the type of link that most bloggers use. You can easily find appropriate anchor text for any URL you want by searching through my blog – just make sure it doesn’t violate our terms.

Sponsor Post

Still in the hurry? We can help you write your content. Just pay a small fee and we will contact when it’s done! You may find some anchor text that is up to your decision too if needed, but don’t worry about those for now – let us choose them together based on what’s best suited towards where you want this article posted so they’ll bring more traffic/visibility than anything else. 

<!> Note: We will charge a fee for this and the price is negotiable!

If you are interested in Sponsored Link or Sponsored Post, please feel free to contact us at marvindcrestaurant@gmail.com with the title [Sponsored Link/Post for Marvindc]

Partnership & Advertise

Your banner ad will be seen by thousands of people every day. It’s a great way to target potential customers and increase brand awareness! We offer custom banners that you can place anywhere on our site, like the header or footer – but we also want more creative ideas; if there’s something specific in mind for your business then let us know so it gets added right away!.

We also accept advertisements, but our team will carefully review them before publishing. 

You can advertise your website on my site for a monthly or yearly fee, depending on what you want to do.

<!> Note: We will charge a fee for this and the price is negotiable!

If you are interested in Advertising, please feel free to contact us at marvindcrestaurant@gmail.com with the title [Advertise for Marvindc]

What Happens After You Post/Link Published?

When you publish a blog post on our website, not only can it be shared across all of your social media profiles to help grow brand awareness and audience but also helps increase traffic for the author’s site as well. 

It’s really important that you don’t copy your blog post and publish it on another site even if you are the author. This will avoid having duplicate content out there which can confuse search engines, as well as benefit neither of them. 

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We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at marvindcrestaurant@gmail.com and we will get back with your inquiry within 24-48 hours!

In case no response was given after 2 days of waiting on hold or such like then there might your email has been to the SPAM Inbox. Please send us another one. 

I hope today is going to be great for you!