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What’s more important than a good drink? The answer is nothing. A bar, club or restaurant has been the perfect place to find friends, enjoy life and relieve stress for decades now!

Marvindc is the perfect place for writers, readers and bloggers to find their niche. We’re looking forward in supporting you as we build this amazing community with Marvindc.com!

Enjoy our resourceful blog to find the latest news in topics like bar sounds, lights and blenders. You can also read about new drinks being created by mixologists or recipes for your favorite cocktail at home.

We want to provide a platform for you, where your voice can be heard and seen. If sharing knowledge is what you do best then we’ve got just the spot! Write for us here.

Whether you’re a professional copywriter or just getting started, we want to see your work. We believe in showcasing the best of what’s out there and providing an opportunity for new voices from all around this planet can share their knowledge with us! Our website is full-of inspiration – find some tips on how write better today plus insights into our industry too fascinating not mention it aloud at home over dinner while wearing those comfy shoes I always wear when blogging.